Clinical Research Insider Summit: past and future

“Interesting. A great opportunity”, explained a smiling Pablo García de B-trial, who from Chile traveled to the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The date was at the Second International Congress of Clinical Research CIIC 2019.” An information facilitating event”, said Acela Floyrell of the UNEVí Committee of Mexico. 

Natalia Cappelletti, Associate Director SSU & Regulatory en Syneos Health, Argentina, explained that the speakers had excellent days. Like these, many other favorable opinions from the voices of experts and professionals in clinical research. From various parts of the world, who paid with their assistance, plus the organization, to the success of the entire CIIC project. 

International Congress CIIC 2018

The 2019 experience meant the continuation of an event already considered one of the most important around global science community. In 2018, in Cancun, also in Mexico, many specialists gathered at conferences, panels and workshops under the coordinator of all events: CidVID Research & Development. Speakers of international renown. Panelists and assistants coordinated under the objective of learning, sharing, professionalizing and updating. At CIIC 2018 one of the annual epicenters of our community was founded. 

Clinical Research Insider Summit 2021

CliR Summit 2021 adds many new features to the description of a clinical research conference. Under a new name, but still supported by the CidVID R&D organization. The great event will take place in Fort Lauderdale, and also includes keynote addresses by professionals as important as Hakim Mohamed DBA, MBA, Co-Founder & CEO, OSCM from San Diego, USA. Eran Orr, Founder & CEO, XRHEALTH, USA. Diana Foster, CEO, Total Clinical Trial Management, USA. Alexandra Barajas, Executive Director, MSD,Mexico. Marco Cid, CEO CidVID Research & Development, México. Daniel Uribe, Co-Founder & CEO at Genobank, USA, among many other experts. 

Clinical Research Insider Summit 2021, as in 2018 and 2019, will surely mark another milestone in the history of international clinical research.

Text: Dolores Garnica for CLiR Summit

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