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Marco Cid

Founder and Member of the Advisory Board Corporativo CidVID, Mexico.

Marco Cid has a BA as a Chemical-Pharmaceutical Professional and Biologist, with a Postgraduate Degree in Clinical Research, and a Master’s in Business Administration. He is an expert in Clinical Research, certified in Business Top Management, and is part of the Top Management Program of IPADE.

As CEO, Marco Cid supervises CIDVID clinical operations, product development, organizational strategies, and R&D, as well as the CLiR INSIDER GROUP, a science media organization committed to produce scientific knowledge, information, data, and communication technologies. He also has extensive experience as a professor.

Marco is a living example of generous leadership and action that provides direction and strategy. As an innovating mind, he shares his passion for life and actively cares for his community with intelligence, fairness, and integrity. He is above the standard regarding humane treatment, and has an excellent capacity for conciliation, managing to put team interests above his own.

Marco Cid Clir