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Who We Are?

CLiR is an active generator of scientific knowledge.​

CLiR is an active generator of scientific knowledge.​

Founded in 2019 by CidVID corporate, the CLiR collective works for the dissemination of scientific knowledge around the world, with an emphasis on clinical research, through four tools.

Clinical Research Insider is a digital and print magazine that disseminates the best of scientific research, each issue devoted to a particular theme. Topical reporting and longer in-depth essays allow professionals to keep abreast of new developments while at the same time creating new audiences for our content.

We are at the vital center of a scientific community dedicated to clinical research, gathering every year to share knowledge at our Clinical Research Insider Summit.

CLiR is a network of specialists in the fields of science and clinical research. Join us on the Clinical Research Insider Network, a social media platform designed especially for our community and market.

We are continually updating our information. The Clinical Research Insider Talks is a tool for scientific education and professionalization that will travel around the world, sharing and disseminating knowledge.

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